Crazy Time game – exciting live show online

Crazy Time – is a fascinating online game from Evolution Gaming that has already become legendary. If you want to feel the inexpressible atmosphere of a real casino and the excitement of big winnings – welcome to Crazy Time live show.

Today, only here charismatic and attentive presenters will start spinning the wheel of luck (today it is your luck!) Dream Catcher, and you … You just have to make a bet before the wheel turns!

Crazy Time is a game show that is popular all over the world and was created for classic casino fans.  The center of the Crazy Time online game is a playing wheel with 54 cells. Each cell is a multiplier which will show how many times your stake will increase if you win.  

The player’s task is to guess in advance the sector where the wheel will stop. Make a bet in the allotted time before the presenter starts the game wheel.

Игра crazy time online

Crazy time game: overview and description

Crazy Time slot is a live format game developed by Evolution Gaming. The structure of Crazy Time slot is the same as in other live games with dealers. The presenter rotates the wheel, and the player must have time to make a bet in a certain amount of time, but before the start of the rotation.

The basis of crazy time slot and the main game device is a huge wheel. In addition, above the wheel is a small drum – Top Slot, which can bring players large multipliers.

Top Slot rotates with the main game wheel. It has 10 multipliers (numbers+bonus), which will be counted in the winnings, provided that they coincide with the sector on which the bet was made.

Слот crazy time обзор игры

Play Crazy Time – what needs to know

The main task of the player in the game crazy time – to guess a cell, which will stop the wheel. Implementation is simple: professional croupiers (dealer) broadcast the game online from a specialized studio. Players follow the game, sitting at the monitor, make bets and communicate with the dealer and with each other in a special live chat. The entire financial part of the game – taking bets, paying winnings – is automated and controlled by the software, not the dealer.

This is what sets online casinos apart from the usual gambling establishment. No cheating, tampering or human error! Only your calculation and pure luck! Believe in yourself – take a chance and play crazy time online casino. Luck loves a brave!

Important: Make sure that your bet is taken in the allotted time before the dealer starts the wheel online game crazy time. Recommend from personal experience to take this point with the utmost responsibility!

live шоу crazy time evolution

Features of the crazy time game online

How is the live game crazy time:

  • The main wheel of Dream Catcher game consists of 54 cells, each of which includes the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10. These are not just numbers – these are multiplier coefficients by which to multiply your bet in a crazy time slot, if it wins!
  • In addition to cells on the wheel are also Bonus games
  • 9 bonus games on the wheel – four Coin Flip, two Cash Hunt, two Pachinko, and only one – Crazy Time bonus game
  • Each phase of the game starts with the rotation of the main game wheel and simultaneously with it – a small video slot reel, which can bring large multipliers to a random sector.

Table with the number of cells for each bet and the principle of their payment

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The principle of paying rates in the game crazy time evolution, depending on the fallen sector:

  • Sector of the game wheel 1, which occupies 21 cells on the drum, the bet is paid 1 to 1
  • Sector of the playing wheel 2, which occupies 13 cells, pays 2 to 1
  • Sector game wheel 57 cells, the rate increases 5 to 1
  • Sector game wheel 10, only 4 cells, the rate increases 10 to 1

Bonus games can have a multiplier of up to 25,000 which is an incredibly rare and huge win!  Our Bonus is for you! 

Crazy time game играть

How to play crazy time in online casino

Each player, going to an online casino for the first time asks a question how to start playing crazy time.

To start playing, you need to choose a casino portal with a Crazy Time game. Wait for the start of the game and bet on the numbers or bonuses, or both.

Once all bets are made, the host starts the wheel and the video slot reel starts spinning behind it.

If a number comes up on the reel, the bet is paid according to the odds.

Бонусные игры Crazy time

Bonus games from live casino crazy time

But what about the Crazy Time bonus games that bring you huge winnings? Here are the Bonus Games!

According to probability theory, bonus games are awarded 9 times out of 54, or 16% of the time. In practice, however, it’s not always like that, since the dealer can spin the wheel both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Let’s take a closer look at Crazy Time epic live Bonus games    

Обзор бонусных игр Crazy time

Bonus games: overview

There are a total of nine bonus games on the Crazy Time game wheel:

  • 4 Coin Flip;
  • 2 Cash Hunt;
  • 2 Pachinko;
  • 1 Crazy Time bonus game

According to the theory of probability more often fall game Coin Flip. True, crazy time statistics occasionally denies it). The biggest piece of luck – if the drum stopped on the bonus game Crazy Time – it provides the maximum winnings – Big Win.

Coin Flip

On the reel of the Crazy Time are four cells Coin Flip. As soon as the reel stops on a Coin Flip, the dealer comes to a special device that triggers the so-called “coin”, but instead of heads and tails – red and blue sides.

Each side has a different coefficient. After “flipping” a coin, the flip side will determine your payout ratio.


Pachinko bonus game is a large wall with obstacles in the form of circles, below are the payout odds. The dealer triggers the ball, which falls down into the payout odds as it hits the obstacles.

Sometimes in Pachinko you can see such a field – Double. If the ball gets there – all odds will be multiplied by 2 and the dealer’s ball launch will be repeated again and you will have a chance to win more money.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt bonus game resembles a shooting gallery with 108 possible odds.

They are mixed and the player chooses the target where he thinks the higher multiplier is hidden – and shoots at it.

The multipliers are then revealed and each player gets a multiplier according to where he shot it.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is the rarest bonus. After all, there is only one cell on the wheel! As soon as this bonus game falls – the presenter goes to a separate room, previously hidden behind a red door, behind which – you are welcomed by a huge Money Wheel with different payout multipliers! The player chooses the color of one of the three labels located on top of the drum – green, blue or orange. Behind these labels are hidden payouts, which depend on where it will fall out. It is recommended to gain the maximum number of multipliers by choosing one of the labels.

If the label stops at “Double” or “Triple“, the multiplier is doubled or tripled, and the dealer spins the wheel again, but with double x2 or triple x3 multipliers!

The maximum possible multiplier in the bonus game online Crazy Time – 25 000

Crazy Time is a great luck, the rarest bonus and the highest odds payout waiting for you here

That’s all you need to know about the rules of the Crazy Time game. All you have to do next is get lucky!

Играть в Crazy Time онлайн

Where to play Crazy Time

We recommend you to play Crazy Time Evolution only in the licensed online casino, avoiding the side of doubtful sites. In the licensed online casino you get a real pleasure to play Crazy Time in masimum quality and with the use of all available features, bonuses and offers.

On the official site Crazy Time game you can go to the casino, which will provide the latest version and ensure the safety of your bets and the fair payment of winnings.

Click the button below! A fair online live game awaits you.

Как начать играть в Crazy Time

How to start playing Crazy Time – turn based strategy

Go to the official casino website

  • Choose the official site of a licensed online casino to play from our suggested list, we have selected the best resources with fast payouts.
  • Choose a game of crazy time online
  • Crazy Time game on the online casino site is in a special section – Live Games. Go to Live Games or search by game name.
  • Complete a simple registration
  • In order to play Crazy Time, you need to register on the online casino site. Registration is very simple and completely confidential. Register and your account and winnings will be safe.
  • Refill your balance
  • Top up your balance with the necessary amount. There is an opportunity to deposit the minimum amount of the deposit. Or you can replenish your balance at once for a larger amount, thereby increasing your deposit bonus and your chances of winning
  • Get your bonus
  • Once you make a deposit, get your Crazy Time first deposit bonus! Now you can start playing!